Painkillers for low back pain

Many people use painkillers for low back pain. Some are freely available and several only on doctor's prescription. However, the latter are not innocent either: in 2007, 540 people died of painkillers in the Netherlands. If they still have to be used, which one is recommended?

Causes of low back pain

According to the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands, in 2017 more than 2 million Dutch people (out of 17 million) were known to the general practitioner with complaints of back and/or neck. In about a third of people, the complaints give limitations in daily life. The costs involved (medical costs, absenteeism and more) run into billions of euros. If we knew what the cause of all these complaints is, and if we have a good treatment then that would give a huge cost saving.

Hernia and complaints

Hernia is a bulge of an intervertebral disc. This can be seen on an MRI or CT scan. Various examples can be found on the internet. Note: many people have a hernia, for example, 60% of people over 60 have something that resembles a hernia. What is striking is that most people have no complaints. When do complaints arise? If the hernia presses against a nerve, or if the hernia leaks or snaps. Back pain and/or leg pain may be the result (neck hernia: neck pain and/or arm pain).

Exercise with lumbago and sciatica

It is like a shot in your back and you can not go any further. What now? Sometimes there is a few days to get into activities again. Literally, movement is important to get rid of the complaint. Painkillers can also help temporarily but differs from person to person. If you are nevertheless looking for a safe exercise, you can look further here even though success is not always guaranteed.

Treatment of low back pain

Type in the internet: treatment of low back pain and you get hundreds of thousands of hits. If you read a number of sites, you will see how many types of treatments exist. And there are other practical solutions for the best treatment. It is certain that the treatment of back pain does not exist. But how to choose from the multitude of offerings, what is most suitable for you?