Leg length and leg length difference

Leg length difference is often seen as the cause of back problems, neck complaints, headaches and others. This is often also heard by various care providers such as physiotherapists, podotherapists, manipulators, and others. It is certainly true that a leg length difference, for example, can cause wear and tear on the knee. But more often there are no complaints. How does this work and, for example, does the prescription of a heel raise benefit?

Osteoarthritis of hip and knee joint

When the cartilage in a joint deteriorates in quality, there can be wear or osteoarthritis (in medical language for the hip: coxosteoarthritis, and for the knee: gonosteoarthritis). The height of the cartilage then decreases and the head and cup come closer to each other. On an X-ray picture this can be seen as a narrowing of the joint gap. Also on an X-ray additional bone growth and irregularities in the bone structure can be seen. What are the consequences and what can you do yourself?

I can help you!?

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More than 30 years of experience

In 1987 I started with the musculoskeletal medicine and in 1989 the practice became independent at van Leeuwenhoekstraat 25 in Groningen in the Netherlands and later in Bellingwolde. All those years I saw many different people with complaints of the musculoskeletal system. Here are some anecdotes of my course through the profession and experiences with patients.

Big data, the doctor and musculoskeletal medicine

Big data is big business. You type a few words into a search engine and an algorithm determines which hints and advertisements you will see based on the data the database already has. That will also happen in the healthcare sector. Or no: that has been happening already for a long time. There are also computers that make diagnoses based on big data. By entering endless data from patients in a database and comparing them with what an individual patient enters, it is calculated what is going on and what the steps to take are. Are the days of the doctor counted?